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October 28, 2022

Latham & Watkins launches comprehensive update to CFIUS and foreign direct investment app

Interactive tool summarizes key aspects of CFIUS and other foreign direct investment regimes outside the United States

Latham & Watkins LLP has released a comprehensive update to its groundbreaking Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) mobile app. The app, first launched in 2019, provides easy-to-use summaries of key aspects of the national security review process administered by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and other foreign direct investment regimes around the world.

The app reflects the key criteria underscored in President Biden’s September 2022 CFIUS Executive Order as well as European Union Commission and EU Member State FDI announcements, and numerous amendments to FDI regimes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Around the globe, we see continued momentum by CFIUS and its international counterparts to address the evolving and broadening national security landscape. Businesses and their deal teams looking at cross-border investments need to stay abreast of the requirements and procedures of all of these regimes – and the FDI app allows you to look at them in concert at a high level,” said Les Carnegie, a partner in Latham & Watkins’ Washington, D.C. office and co-leader of the firm’s CFIUS & US National Security Practice.

“The focus on national security continues to grow in importance, and that is unlikely to change any time soon,” said Damara Chambers, a partner in Latham & Watkins’ Washington, D.C. office and co-leader of the firm’s CFIUS & US National Security Practice. “Navigating national security regimes with respect to cross-border deals is at the forefront of our clients’ needs. Latham’s global platform is perfectly suited to provide this comprehensive transactional counsel, and the FDI app demonstrates our depth of resources.”

“This comprehensive FDI app update comes at a time when skillfully navigating considerations by CFIUS and other foreign direct investment regimes is a critical component of closing deals,” said Justin Hamill, Global Co-Chair of Latham & Watkins’ Mergers & Acquisitions Practice. “Latham’s CFIUS and FDI teams bring unparalleled experience to helping clients navigate national security reviews both in and outside of the US.”

The Latham FDI app is organized by select countries around the world, including the US, Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and the UK. After choosing a country, users can click through to read summaries of information pertinent to the respective jurisdiction, such as:

  • Legal authority responsible for foreign investment review
  • Mandatory filings
  • Voluntary filings
  • Timelines
  • Filing fees
  • Penalties
  • Definitions of key words and phrases

Latham’s FDI app is available as a free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play that can be used on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Source: Company Press Release

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